Engineered Alarm Solutions Inc.

engineeredalarmAt Engineered Alarm Solutions Inc., we work with you to ensure that each system is custom designed to fit your particular security needs.  Our security experts have decades of experience in protecting our customers by providing professional consulting, selling and installing the best technology, and providing reliable monitoring services.  From the first contact until we become your security system provider, our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction in every single step of the process.

Engineered Alarm Solutions Inc. is a fully licensed security and surveillance provider committed to offering the best security solution available for your budget in commercial, industrial, and residential properties.  Our customers are protected because our professionals are covered by WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board) and our firm carries Liability Insurance.  Furthermore, Engineered Alarm Solutions Inc. is a proud member of CANASA (Canadian Security Association) and BBB (Better Business Bureau).

In other words, our professionalism and our 24/7 service make Engineered Alarm Solutions Inc. an unbeatable provider for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Security Systems in Ontario.